Retaining wall, Green Moor
Field wall, Delph
Sloping wall, Rivelin
Rebuild field wall, Delph
New stone, Howbrook
Green Moor

Alston Walling - Agricultural

The building and repairing of agricultural walls on farms, parks and country estates is still the core of the craft of Dry Stone Walling, and a mainstay of Alston Walling's business.

Walls for different needs and of different stone types can be built or maintained, sometimes in quite challenging locations.

Walls on slopes, retaining walls, field walls and more decorative walls can be undertaken, including features such as lunkeys and cheek ends.

Agricultural wall

Clients Include:  
  • Whirlow Hall Farm
  • Model farm, Delph
  • Courthouse, Green Moor
  • R. Thorpe, Rivelin
  • Alderman Head Manor